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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Civil Engineering (CE)
Senior Design Project II
Senior Design Project II
Fall 2017
Course Type
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students in the civil engineering program with senior standing
Knowledge of structural analysis of indeterminate structures, reinforced concrete and structural steel design, and soil mechanics
Pedro F. Silva, Sameh S. Badie
Frequency of Offering
Every Year
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Second in a two-course sequence for the senior design project in civil and environmental engineering. Application of civil and environmental engineering concepts in the design of a project that integrates the concepts and technical knowledge learned in two or more of the following disciplines: engineering mechanics, materials, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, and water resources engineering.
The course will provide students with the ability to:
I. recognize the necessity to consider both technical and non-technical factors associated with real-world projects;
II. get exposure to the ethical and professional issues in civil engineering design;
III. identify and develop the scope of work for a project;
IV. comprehend the design of civil engineering structures in a “full picture” capacity;
V. work on a team to execute the project;
VI. present their project to practicing engineers;
VII. develop meeting agenda and maintain meeting minutes;
VIII. understand the role of cost estimation and engineering economics in civil engineering design;
IX. prepare the design documentation for a realistic civil engineering structure and present it in the form of a professional technical report;
X. understand the limitations of existing design codes in the design of special civil engineering structures;
XI. present the progress and final project reports in oral and written forms;
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This and its companion course (CE4341) will replace CE4340.
Course Attribute
SEAS-CE Design Elective

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