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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Romance, German and Slavic Languages and Literature (RGSL)
Intermediate Spanish II: the Spanish-speaking world
Intermediate Spanish II
Spring 2017
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undergraduate students
SPAN 1013


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Continuation of SPAN 1013. Development of intermediate functional and communicative proficiency in Spanish; listening and speaking skills, reading and writing abilities, and intercultural competence. Achievement of the appropriate GW placement test score may substitute for the prerequisite. Language Center fee.
On successful course completion, you will be able to
A. demonstrate an intermediate Spanish proficiency in speaking:
1. Handle successfully uncomplicated communicative tasks and situations requiring exchanges
of information and expression of opinions (interests, preferences, feelings and emotions) on
topics such as businesses and services; literature; technology, science and environment.
2. Talk about past, present, and future events.
3. Formulate questions to obtain information/opinion, and respond to questions or requests for
4. Describe people and things in detail.
5. Provide information in sentences and strings of discrete sentences, linking ideas, keeping
time consistent, and using communicative strategies, such as circumlocution.
6. Pause, reformulate, and self-correct, as you search for adequate vocabulary and appropriate
language forms to express yourself.
B. demonstrate an intermediate Spanish proficiency in writing:
7. Write a narrative about personal events and experiences.
8. Write an essay with a thesis and supporting arguments about an abstract topic (cultural
9. Write an argumentative essay (600 words) using basic punctuation and capitalization
conventions, paragraph level discourse, and cohesive devices.
C. demonstrate cultural and intercultural competence and awareness of topics like
1. history and literature (short stories),
2. indigenous populations in Bolivia,
3. business and economy: Panama,
4. indigenous rights in Guatemala the environment, Ecuador and the Galapagos islands.
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This is the only Intermediate Spanish II (fourth semester) at GWU.
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It replaces SPAN 1004, now deactivated
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