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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Romance, German and Slavic Languages and Literature (RGSL)
Intermediate Spanish I: the Spanish-speaking world
Intermediate Spanish I
Spring 2017
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undergraduate students
SPAN 1011 or SPAN 1012


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Language Center

Development of intermediate functional and communicative proficiency in Spanish; listening and speaking skills, reading and writing abilities, and intercultural competence. Achievement of the appropriate GW placement test score may replace the prerequisite. Language Center fee.
GOAL 1: Demonstrate intermediate linguistic proficiency in Spanish: i.e. your ability to
communicate as an independent interlocutor with native speakers in Spanish. This includes
presentational, interpretive and interactional modes of speaking; as well as presentational
and interpretive written communicative ability.
GOAL 2: Demonstrate developing knowledge and understanding of Spanish-speaking societies:
peoples, histories, traditions, and literary, cultural and artistic manifestations.
GOAL 3: Demonstrate cross-cultural competence (awareness) of some of the practices,
products, and perspectives of the Spanish cultures, and the ability to reflect critically on
these differences.
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This is the only Intermediate Spanish course at GWU.
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It replaces SPAN 1003, now deactivated.
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