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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Introduction to Economic Evaluation of Health Promotion Interventions
Intro Economic Evaluation
Spring 2017
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Discussion Group
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PUBH 6002, PUBH 6003 and PUBH 6006

Michael Long, ScD
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Theoretical basis and practical skills needed to estimate the effectiveness, population impact, and cost of health promotion interventions to inform policy and practice using cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analyses. Case studies and presentations allow students to apply these skills and to critically evaluate the assumptions and methods used to incorporate economic evaluation into public health program planning and evaluation. Familiarity with basic algebra and statistics is assumed.
Course Learning Objectives – Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
• Understand the basic principles of economic evaluation of public health interventions
• Apply cost-effectiveness methods to evaluate public health promotion interventions
• Critically appraise the assumptions and limitations of current practice of economic evaluation of public health programs and policies
• Understand how economic evaluation is incorporated into the broader decision-making process used to prioritize public health investment in the United States and globally
This course provides students with an introduction to an increasingly important aspect of health promotion program evaluation; a comparable course do not exist in the GWU system
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SPHHS-Humanities Courses

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