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College of Professional Studies
Prof Studies-Cybersecurity (PSCS)
IP Security and VPN Technology
IP Security and VPN Technology
Spring 2017
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Risks associated with an organization’s network being connected to the public Internet; defensive technologies, types of encryption, enterprise firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention, and access control technologies; active threat agents and exploitation techniques used to compromise the digital infrastructure.
Understand and implement cybersecurity requirements;
 Enumerate the different groups attacking today’s organizations and explain their goals, motives and their techniques;
 Protect and effectively defend computer networks against malicious activities ;
 Design a secure network that employs a layered defense architecture;
 Analyze an existing network or system and discover and list the potential weaknesses that adversaries might seek to exploit;
 Communicate and interact professionally with other classmates during group lab exercises;
 Understand the technological components of IPSec;
 Assess the relative strength and speed of cryptographic algorithms;
 Understand PKI infrastructure and the managed certificate protocol;
 Plan & implement VPN solutions in a variety of scenarios.
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