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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Clinical Research and Leadership (CRL)
Principles of Medicine for Informaticians
Princ/Medicine Informaticians
Spring 2017
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graduate students

graduate students in the data science program or those with prior undergraduate coursework in general biology or anatomy and physiology or pathophysiology
Dr. Qing Zeng
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INFR 4102 - Survey of Medicine for Informaticians
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Survey of clinical medicine and basic concepts related to clinical process, medical vocabulary, anatomy, pathophysiology, and clinical disease management for selected organ systems and healthcare specialties; evaluation of medical records, clinical decision making, and health providers in the U.S. healthcare system. Laboratory fee.
1. Describe clinical process and clinical care environments.
2. Interpret medical language to communicate and collaborate effectively with clinicians.
3. Demonstrate the basic uses and limitations of Medical Record Systems and Clinical Information System tools (EHR, PACS, Pharmacy, CDSS)
4. Explain common pathophysiologic processes and present information about specific disease diagnosis and management.
5. Assess information needs and information flows in clinical care contexts.
6. Compare types of health providers, provider training, and continuing education in the US healthcare system to understand stakeholder needs.
Graduate level version on INFR 4102 - objectives elevated and final project added.
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