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Course was not approved by the faculty. Duplicated an IBUS course.
School of Business
Strategic Management and Public Policy (SMPP)
Strategy and International Political Economy
Stratgy & Intl Political Econ
Fall 2017
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Case-based study of the interactions of firms within their broader business environment; how firms pursue an integrated approach to strategic management by combining elements of non-market strategy and concepts from traditional market strategy.
Learning objectives

1. To teach students important concepts at the intersection of strategy and international political economy with a highly interactive and case-based approach. The course is essentially a class in integrated (non-market and market) strategy in a global setting.
2. To provide students with knowledge on how to best analyze real life business case examples of
strategic challenges firms have faced in order to enhance their critical thinking skills and sharpen their capabilities as business leaders.
3. To help students gain a thorough understanding of strategy and political economy in a global
context and hone their ability to craft successful firm strategies in diverse institutional and political environments.
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