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College of Professional Studies
Prof Studies-Cybersecurity (PSCS)
Network Security
Network Security
Summer 2017
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Security aspects of networks and network technology; intrusion detection, virtual private networks (VPN), and firewalls; types of security threats, security policy design and management; and security technologies, products, and solutions.
 Recognize, Identify, mitigate, and respond to network security threats;
 Apply their knowledge by protecting and effectively defending computer networks against malicious activities by configuring a Cisco perimeter router;
 Configure the Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set Context Based Access Control, Firewall Authentication Proxy & Firewall Intrusion Detection System;
 Implement Cybersecurity features to create a secure remote access VPN solution.
 Use Cisco PIX Device Manager & Pix Firewall to secure Cisco routers;
 Communicate and interact professionally with other classmates during group lab exercises;
 Implement secure PIX firewall design, installation, and configuration;
 Explain VPN implementation using Cisco PIX firewalls; IPSec-SSL VPN and access control lists.
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