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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Global Health (GH)
Global Health Diplomacy
Global Health Diplomacy
Fall 2016
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Introduction to the concept of global health diplomacy; how diplomacy has been used to advance health agendas and how health issues have been used to improve diplomatic relations between countries; formal health, multi-stakeholder health, and informal health diplomacy; comparative study of how different countries have devised health diplomacy strategies.
Students will be able to:
- Define the different types and objectives of health diplomacy
- Provide concrete examples of how health diplomacy has been used in the past by the U.S. and by other nations
- Better understand what a health diplomat is, and the types of skills and knowledge necessary to be effective
- Learn to read international agreements and best practices for negotiating texts
- Describe the challenges and opportunities for collaborative global health work across organizations and nations, and how that impacts diplomacy.
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New online elective.
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