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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Geography (GEOG)
Open Source Solutions for Geospatial Project Management
Open Source GIS
Spring 2017
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GEOG 6304

Cowan, Hinton
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GEOG 4311 - Open Source Solutions for Geospatial Project Management
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Geospatial project management, from design through implementation. Students work exclusively with open source technology for data capture, management, analysis, and communication; open source solutions and the effectiveness and sustainability of project management.
1. Student will be able to apply essential components of: data capture, storage, manipulation and presentation in a open source geospatial context
2. Students will be able to demonstrate an intermediate proficiency with QGIS, the leading open source GIS software.
3. Students will be able to apply project management skills to development scenarios that call for the use of geospatial data
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This is an elective for the GIS certificate program, and is the only course on campus that uses exclusivly open source software for geospatial data collection/analysis and project management.
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