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School of Business
Master of Business Administration (MBAD)
Global MBA Career Roadmap
Global MBA Career Roadmap
Fall 2016
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students in the global MBA program



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Career options; traditional and digital networking tools and techniques; resume, cover letter, and related correspondence writing; preparing for an interview.
By the end of this course, students will be able to:

1. Research career paths that support your career vision, interests, values and skills.
2. Compare what employers seek in qualified candidates with your current qualifications self-assessment.
3. Explore both traditional and digital networking tools and techniques.
4. Develop an accomplishment-based resume.
5. Complete a comparative analysis of current skills, qualifications, strengths, and weaknesses with the desired skills, qualifications and strengths for a career of interest.
6. Identify the best techniques involved with professional correspondence as it relates to writing a cover letter, “follow-up” responses, and “thank you” responses.
7. Identify the most common types of job interviews and the best ways to prepare for them.
8. Successfully negotiate salary and compensation when you receive an internship or job offer.

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