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Law School
Law (LAW)
Business Lawyering
Business Lawyering
Spring 2017
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This is a two-credit, graded course in which we learn about lawyering, with a particular orientation to the practice of business law, conceived broadly. Along with New York area externships for which this is a co-requisite, the course is designed to integrate doctrine, theory, skills, ethics, and policy. We take multiple perspectives, starting with your varied externships and what you can learn from the experience of professional practice. We also consider materials that look at challenges in the business law setting such as counseling; crisis response and investigation; and prevention and compliance. There will be regular weekly discussions of externship experience; periodic written assignments; and the preparation of an associated research paper.
The course will use traditional techniques to stimulate student-directed learning, including devices such as periodic journals, as well as a specific pedagogy oriented toward promoting “reflective practice” (i.e., inculcating in students the professional habit of reflecting upon the artistry of making intuitive professional judgments, called “thinking in action,” and the real time adaptation of professional knowledge to handle situations presenting uncertainty, uniqueness, or conflict, called “reflection in action”).
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