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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Integrated Application of Psychiatric/Mental Health Advanced Practice Nursing
PMHNP Clinical Practicum 3
Fall 2017
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students in the post-master's certificate in psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner program
NURS 6220, NURS 6222, NURS 6234, NURS 6242, NURS 6244, NURS 6245, NURS 6246 and NURS 6247


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Developing competency in the PMHNP role; integration of foundational knowledge from coursework to provide safe and competent behavioral health care to individuals across the lifespan.
1. Demonstrate advanced clinical interviewing techniques, critical analysis, sound judgment and accurate diagnostic skills with a diverse population of individuals with psychiatric mental health disorders.
2. Use evidence-based psychotherapeutic treatment plans to manage patients with psychiatric mental health disorders.
3. Develop independent practice skills as a PMHNP by assessing, planning, implementing and managing psychiatric care for individual, family and special group populations with complex mental health problems across the lifespan.
4. Synthesize and articulate evidence-based practice to support clinical decision-making.
5. Collaborate with other members of the interdisciplinary team in the development, implementation and evaluation of clinical pathways in the care of the patients with mental health disorders and behavioral or emotional problems.
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