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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
History (HIST)
Digital History
Digital History
Fall 2017
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Diane Cline
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How the Internet and electronic technology have transformed the ways in which historians conduct research, present their work, and record, store, organize, and disseminate their findings; computational tools for data analysis.
As a result of completing this course: • Students will demonstrate awareness of major historical archives on the web. • Students will be able to converse and comment knowledgeably on specific websites where historical materials are archived and analyzed as case studies. • Students will be able to locate and evaluate information in digital forms and present their findings in clear and logical oral and written forms. • Students will develop a greater appreciation of how innovations are changing the practice of History in academia. • Students will think differently about career options in the field of history and the humanities. • Students will develop skills to locate original sources to use for their own research.
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