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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering (EMSE)
Cybersecurity Risk Management and Compliance
Cybersec Risk Mgt & Compliance
Fall 2016
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EMSE 6540


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Every Year
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Cybersecurity threats and other risks to an organization’s core business; risk-based planning and risk management of cybersecurity at the enterprise level; risk assessment and modeling approaches to cybersecurity issues related to security structures, sustaining healthy cybersecurity posture, and satisfying compliance with risk frameworks.
Upon completing the course, students will know how to: 1. Evaluate the current series of ISO 27000 family standards 2. Evaluate the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) risk framework 3. Evaluate the NIST 800 series documents 4. Compare a systematic, strategic security management approach to an irregular, reactive one 5. Appraise an organization’s risk from security breaches and create a plan to mitigate the risk 6. Examine, describe, and ensure a security function’s compliance with national and international laws and regulations 7. Define best practices for audits, assessments, and penetration testing of the security posture based on policies and their implementation 8. Construct a sensing, reporting, and monitoring approach to security management that includes key performance indicators
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Remotely similar courses are offered in (1) Computer Science, from which EMSE 6542 differs because it combines technical and management aspects of cybersecurity; and in (2) Professional Studies, from which EMSE 6542 differs because it has a strong engineering component by which students grapple directly, hands-on, with the complex technical and management features of cybersecurity.
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