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School of Business
Management Science (MGT)
Critical Thinking Skills for Executive Leadership
Critical Thinking/Exec Leaders
Fall 2016
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Theory and practice of critical thinking; how it differs from other types of thinking and other executive leadership competencies; approaches known to improve thinking skills.
Learning Objectives: Students will be able to: 1. Synthesize information and ideas from about thinking skills from multiple texts and sources. 2. Develop your personal thinking style and make it robust enough to respond to different leadership situations. 3. Project personal mastery and professionalism with regard to your thinking skills. 4. Select and incorporate effective thinking support tools into your leadership skill set. 5. Articulate a variety of ideas and attitudes about critical thinking as a personal skill and organizational competency. 6. Critique contemporary management advice from both academicians and consultants to make better choices about how best to lead in your organization.

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New Course from former 6290 special topics.
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