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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Medicine (MED)
Application of Quality Improvement with High Value Care
Applic'n of QI High Value Care
Fall 2016
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Field Work (Internship)
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Letter Grade



Anne Cioletti, MD
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Students will attend interactive seminars ranging of up to 2 hours each. These seminars will reingorce aspects of the IHI open School modules as well as provide a forum to discuss ongoing aspects of patient safety, quality improvement and high value care and apply the concepts to a series of standardized patient scenarios. Outside of seminar time, students will apply concepts to medical errors to practice developing system-based solutions. The application of the concepts will be placed into a portfolio. At the conclusion of the elective, students will present their portfolios to the class for further discussion.
1. Discuss high value, cost conscious care using the concepts of health care waste, over-ordering tests, choices of medication and its effect on quality. 2. Discuss principles and processes of quality improvement and patient safety. 3. Apply the basic QI techniques (and High Value Care concepts as applicable) for a potential solution to a potential medical error.

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