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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Health Policy and Management (HPM)
Systems Thinking and Learning
Systems Thinking and Learning
Summer 2016
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students in the MHA@GW degree program
HSML 6264, HSML 6265, HSML 6266, HSML 6267, HSML 6268, HSML 6269 and HSML 6280

Professor Leonard Friedman
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The concepts of systems thinking and learning and their application to the management of health care organizations; general systems theory, hard and soft systems, complexity and complex adaptive systems, change management, idealized redesign, design innovation, organizational resilience, high reliability organizations, and learning organizations.
• Articulate principles of hard and soft systems theories and apply them to healthcare organizations • Identify how systems approaches can be used to facilitate organizational change • Employ adult learning and motivation theory to address knowledge and skill gaps within the workforce • Support the design and planning of learning strategies and solutions to support individual and team learning • Analyze the characteristics an organization and its capacity to support learning at all levels • Articulate principles of complexity and complex adaptive systems and apply them to healthcare organizations • Identify how complexity theory and a complex adaptive systems approach can be used to reduce medical errors and enhance patient safety • Assess and evaluate change processes previously used in the students’ organization • Create a plan for redesigning the workplace using the principles of whole systems change • Assess the level of organizational resilience present in the student’s current organization • Develop a set of action steps to increase the level of both organizational and personal resilience • Develop enhanced self-awareness through understanding personal mastery and mental models.
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