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HSML 6283 : Organization Research Project II
Milken Institute School of Public Health
Health Policy and Management (HPM)
Organizational Research Project 1
Organizational Research Proj 1
Summer 2016
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students in the MHA@GW degree program

HSML 6269 - Quality and Performance Improvement

Professor Len Friedman
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The first of a two-course sequence required of all MHA@GW program students. Students prepare to undertake the organizational research project that is one of two program deliverables.
• Design an initial approach to address a current administrative or clinical question in a healthcare organization • Demonstrate the ability to perform an internal and external environmental scan • Develop the skills to balance the demands of work, completion of module 6 and initiation of the organizational research project • Demonstrate the ability to consult with representatives from one or more organizational leaders in the selection and design of a research project
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