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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Medicine (MED)
Medical Spanish
Medical Spanish
Spring 2016
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David Popiel, MD and Juan Reyes, MD
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This is an online two-week elective course offered to medical students that have completed the pre-clinical coursework. The course is run through Canopy, an online medical Spanish course designed for medical professionals and developed with funding from NIH that is authorized to award CME credits. This course provides students with an intensive introduction to medical Spanish. It is anticipated that students will require approximately 45 hours of time to complete all of the learning activities and assessments. There is additional information added to the course that gives students information on how to access and use trained medical interpreters. By the end of the course, students should have a basic knowledge of the language of medical Spanish.
By the end of this course, students should know or be able to: 1. Apply medical Spanish in taking a medical and social history; conducting a physical exam; assessing chronic medical conditions; counselling on medication use; and making recommendations about lifestyle habits. 2.Recognize how to use and access trained language interpreters while on medical rotations.

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