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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Emergency Medicine (EMED)
Point-Of-Care Ultrasound
Point-Of-Care Ultrasound
Spring 2016
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Field Work (Internship)
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Kathleen Calabrese, MD
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An introduction to point-of-care, or bedside, ultrasound where students will learn the basic six diagnostic ultrasound assessments (including: FAST, echocardiogram, gall bladder, aorta, pelvic and deep vein thrombosis), as well as procedural guidance (such as peripheral or central venous catheter insertion and nerve blocks) using ultrasound. Students will achieve this through hands-on scanning with faculty and/or residents, reading of assigned materials, and journal club/conference participation. Students are afforded the opportunity to take either a 2 or 4 week elective and are to participate in the following. Students will complete a minimum of 28 hours per week of hands-on bedside ultrasonography, approximately 5 hours per week of quality assurance review and education regarding the prior week's ultrasounds, as well as self-study time and content quizzes. The expectation is the completion of at least 50 ultrasounds within a 2 week period. 4 week students will be responsible for a 30 minute oral presentation on a topic of their choosing from the point-of-care ultrasound perspective to further their learning as well as that of their colleagues in the rotation, residents and faculty. Students will be admitted on a first come, first served basis with secondary preference to those pursuing emergency medicine as a career.
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