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Naval Science (NSC)
Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare
Maneuver Warfare
Fall 2016
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Examination of broad aspects of warfare and their interactions with maneuver warfare doctrine, with a focus on the U.S. Marine Corps. The skills, knowledge, leadership background, and mentality necessary for a successful Marine Corps Officer.
Students will develop a rich understanding of the means and methods of maneuver warfare and Marine Corps operations, and will be able to analyze and discuss contemporary and future warfare in light of the historical forces that have helped to shape it. Upon conclusion of this class, students will: a. Understand historical influences on current tactical, operational, and strategic implications of maneuver warfare practices in current and future operations. b. Know the characteristics, requirements, and problems of maneuver warfare. c. Comprehend how maneuver warfare fits into the broader context of the conduct of war.
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