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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Economics (ECON)
Principles of Mathematics for Economics
Princ of Math for Econ
Fall 2016
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students who have successfully completed high school algebra I and basic geometry prior to matriculation and who also have registered for and attended the first six weeks of instruction in ECON 1011 or ECON 1012 at GW



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Prepares students for college instruction in principles of microeconomic and macroeconomic theory and in business, social science, and basic science courses that do not require knowledge of calculus.
By the end of this course, students will be able to: 1. Identify and have a working knowledge of the basic concepts and terminology of microeconomics and macroeconomics. 2. Arithmetic including multiplication tables (through 12), and long division. 3. Solve problems in geometry and measurement, including decimal place value. 4. Understand exponents, order of operations, and inequality. 5. Understand and use fractions, percent, proportions, and decimals along with the concept of elasticity in economics. 6. Understand, solve, and apply equations, and inequalities. 7. Understand graphs of equations, functions, and inequalities in two variables. 8. Understand and use exponents, polynomials, and logarithmic functions. 9. Solve systems of linear equations in two variables and understand their application to the Marshallian cross diagram. 10. Use simple linear models to solve economic word problems.
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The course description should be short, so I have removed the details of who may enroll etc to comments:
Students in this course must initially register for Principles of Microeconomics (Econ 1011) or Principles of Macroeconomics (Econ 1012). Economics 1001 course will be listed as “closed” at the start of the semester and only opened to students who transfer in beginning six weeks after classes begin. Entry to the course is restricted to students who fail to pass the assessment in algebra given in Principles of Economics classes at the start of the semester or students whose assessment scores were sufficiently low that they feel additional instruction in college mathematics for economics is necessary to aid comprehension of the material in principles courses. The first portion of instruction will therefore be material covered in Economics 1011 and 1012 and the instruction designed to help students to pass the assessment in algebra. This instruction will include the standard topics in principles classes along with required completion of work using ALEKS online instruction for those retaking the assessment. A more detailed list of topics is covered in the Course Outline at the end of this syllabus.
echacko (Thu, 10 Mar 2016 19:58:45 GMT): Rollback: Statement on accommodation of religious holidays is missing in syllabus.
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