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Analytical Research and Writing for Government Contracts
Analytic Research & Writing
Fall 2016
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master of science in government contracts degree candidates
LAW 6509 - Government Contracts Seminar


Karen Thornton, Law School
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Development of advanced government contracts writing skills. Deconstruction, analysis, and application of writing processes for professional and academic papers.
1. Develop an understanding of why written communication is critical and how developing effective writing skills contributes to career success. 2. Invest time in reflecting on your own writing process and areas for improvement. 3. Learn how to research and attribute to authority for credibility and integrity. 4. Identify and understand the recursive writing process (thinking, researching, organizing, drafting, and refining) used in effective written communication. 5. Focus on applying the necessary time and attention to each of the phases of the process and making good use of feedback to increase your mastery of written communication. 6. Learn to write clearly and concisely with respect for your audience’s needs. 7. Practice advanced analytical and writing skills to become a self-motivated, self-sufficient writer and self-editor.
no existing course addresses analytical writing for government contracts specifically
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This course will be approved by the GW Law faculty in March 2016. The assigned Law course number may change at that time, but will not affect the cross-listing for GWSB.
Key: 10412