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Pharmacology 2
Pharmacology 2
Fall 2016
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Malinda Whitlow
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Principles of pharmacology and mechanisms of action of drug prototypes used in clinical practice; drug interactions, side effects, and contraindications as the foundation for clinical judgment and management of patients across the lifespan; dosage calculations for oral and parenteral medications and their safe administration; common pathophysiological disorders and the specific drug classes used in their management; educating patients and families concerning safe medication administration and other topics.
1. Apply the nursing process and the five concepts of human functioning to assess appropriate/inappropriate responses to drug therapy. 2. Identify the roles of the professional nurse in relation to dosage calculations, medication administration, evaluation of effectiveness, monitoring of adverse effects, and education in both acute care and community health settings. 3. Distinguish the correct measures to ensure the prevention of medication errors and apply critical thinking skills to determine the effectiveness of medication administration on client care outcomes. 4. Demonstrate effective communication in reporting drug mechanisms of action, rationale for use, common and/or life-threatening side effects, nursing implications, and client teaching for major classifications of medications.
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• Develop a 3-credit pathophysiology course to better address patho at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
• Split 4-credit pharm into two courses matched to MS 1 & 2 semesters (2/1) to decrease overload in first semester and reinforce understanding of pharm with advanced MS nursing.
Key: 10408