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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Global Health (GH)
Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management in Developing Countries
Supply Chain Management
Fall 2016
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Richard Berzon
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Practical approaches used by government policymakers, essential drugs program managers, NGOs, donors, and others to ensure that high-quality essential drugs are available, affordable and used rationally; existing and potential challenges and workable solutions related to managing the drug supply in developing countries.
1. Identify and conceptualize challenges and offer realistic solutions to address deficiencies in drug supply systems that arise in developing countries 2. Identify gaps in existing program designed to optimize the effectiveness and efficiencies in supply chain-related activities and programs 3. Integrate and manage approaches and mechanisms to improve the likelihood of achieving success when confronting drug supply management deficiencies in developing country environments 4. Distinguish and describe obvious and subtle glitches in management systems; and convey rational solutions appropriate for low income country settings that are not likely to have access to state-of-the art technologies

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