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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Psychology (PSYC)
Seminar in Cognitive Science
Seminar in Cognitive Science
Fall 2016
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PSYC 3118 or PSYC 3121 or PSYC 3122 or PSYC 3124 or PSYC 4106W or PSYC 4107W

Any of the cognitive neuroscience faculty: Dopkins, Kravitz, Mitroff, Rothblat, Philbeck, Shomstein, Sohn
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Advanced seminar for undergraduate students focusing on recent developments in cognitive science. Topics vary and may include perception, attention, memory, representation, and cognitive control, as well as neural bases of cognitive processes.
(For a sample seminar on Attentional Selection and Cognitive Control): Students will be able to demonstrate how to synthesize cognitive theories and principles to interpret empirical research; how to apply principles of research methods to analyze the design of a study; how to evaluate the scientific contribution of an empirical research study. Students will develop scientific presentation skills as they lead the seminar discussion with the instructor as a moderator; the ability to actively participate in a sophisticated scientific debate; and the skills required to write a research proposal using APA style.
This is intended as an advanced, graduate-like seminar for majors who have a special interest in cognitive neuroscience and have already taken courses in the area. For these students, the course will explore a more focused topic in depth and will likely serve as good preparation for graduate work in the field.
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Note that the syllabus provided is an example of how one professor, Sohn, would do this course. It will differ in focus depending on who teaches but will be similar in format across professors.
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