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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Special Topics in English for Academic Purposes
Special Topics in EAP
Summer 2017
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Special Topics
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This special topics course targets academic communication in specialized or advanced contexts. Class activities and assignments reflect an analysis of student needs in disciplinary or professional fields. Course content draws on authentic materials and tasks to prepare students for success in written and oral communication.
Understand the expectations for academic writing and communication within one's particular disciplinary or professional community;

Learn to assess rhetorical contexts to respond appropriately to tasks and assignments that require written or oral production, including an awareness of audience and purpose, management of content expectations, and appropriate language use;

Engage in the critical reading of authentic academic texts and other supplementary materials; demonstrate awareness of rhetorical and textual features, key points, and methods of organization and support; develop the academic skills of summarizing, synthesizing, and/or critiquing academic materials depending on task expectations;

Understand the principles and practices associated with academic integrity; conduct academic research, evaluate and manage information from sources, incorporate source ideas in writing, and demonstrate control over assigned citation format;

Acquire and incorporate academic vocabulary that is both general and discipline/topic specific; develop a repertoire of grammatical structures appropriate for a variety of academic writing tasks and communicative situations;

Recognize the recursive nature of academic production and actively engage in peer feedback, error analysis, revision, and editing of work;

Demonstrate responsibility by attending class regularly and punctually, being prepared for class discussions, submitting assignments on time, collaborating with others respectfully and effectively, understanding and avoiding plagiarism, and knowing and following university regulations;

Improve digital literacy skills for language learning, academic writing, and designing and delivering oral presentations.

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