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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Pediatrics (PED)
Pediatric Preventative Cardiology
Pediatric Cardiology
Spring 2016
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Field Work (Internship)
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Michelle Mietus-Snyder, MD
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This outpatient elective will engage students in cardiometabolic health screening, teach tenets of behavioral change counseling and motivational interviewing, provide exposure to the continuum of care in weight management, and apply the relevant pathophysiology in managing patients at risk for complications of obesity. The student will work primarily with cardiologists and a multi-disciplinary team of pediatricians, surgeons, and ancillary care professionals who treat patients with or at risk for cardiometabolic illnesses, both inherited and acquired, in association with obesity and insulin resistance. Students may also engage in community health initiatives that apply evidence-based nutrition and activity heart-healthy guidelines in DC schools and research protocols associated with obesity. This experience does not provide regular exposure to pediatric residents. Students are expected to participate in cardiology departmental conferences. No weekends or call. Experiences can be provided at regional outpatient clinics. When at Children’s Hospital, regular attendance at resident conferences is encouraged. Personal transportation is strongly encouraged in preventive cardiology. No weekends or call. Acceptance is upon request during mutually agreeable times.
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