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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Pediatrics (PED)
Pediatric Hospitalist Consult Service (HELP Team)
Pediatric Help Team
Fall 2016
Course Type
Field Work (Internship)
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Letter Grade



Miriam Bloom, MD
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This elective is an introduction to the medically complex pediatric patient. Common conditions encountered include a large variety of genetic disorders, progressive neurologic and respiratory disorders, chronic encephalopathy, cardiac conditions, and multi-system medical conditions. Our consult service sees patients throughout the hospital in the PICU, NICU, CICU, general medical floors and on subspecialty teams. Students will learn how to review and critically assess a complex medical history and record, as well as evaluate both acute and chronic medical care issues. The majority of time will be spent with an attending or nurse practitioner of this multi-disciplinary team. Our goal is that over time the student’s role will evolve from shadowing to seeing patients independently and discussing them with providers and other team members. The student will work with the team to develop dynamic management care plans that address medical problems, social issues, and case management concerns that may impact a child’s care. Optional areas of additional interest include: pediatric palliative care, pediatric chronic pain, outpatient follow-up of the medically complex child, and perioperative assessment and care of the medically complex surgical patient.
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