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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Pediatrics (PED)
Pediatric Healthy Generations - Teen Parent Program
Pediatric Healthy Generations
Spring 2016
Course Type
Field Work (Internship)
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Letter Grade

PED 8303

Ruth Hollo, MD
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Healthy Generations at Children’s National is a “Teen-Tot” clinic offering medical care and comprehensive social work and mental health services for Teen Parents and their Children. Students will have the opportunity to assist in evaluating patients in the multi-disciplinary Generations medical clinic, providing preventative well child care, anticipatory guidance, as well as providing medical care for adolescent parents to include routine gynecological care, STD testing and counseling, and contraceptive care. Students will have the opportunity to work with members of the multi-disciplinary case-management team to learn about community resources available to support adolescent parents as well as accompany team-members on community based visits. At times when patients are not scheduled, the student will be asked to participate in the general outpatient clinic and/or engage in independent study. No weekends or call. Although residents do not typically participate in this elective, students will have an opportunity to interact with them during resident conferences.
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