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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Interdisciplinary (IDIS)
International Translational Research
International Research
Spring 2016
Course Type
Field Work (Internship)
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Letter Grade


3rd or 4th year medical students
Dr. Huda Ayas, EdD, and Fernando Vidal, MD
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In collaboration with the Office of International Medicine Programs at GW, the University of San Pablo offers 4 to 8 to week Translational Research Elective rotations to senior medical students in key specialty fields and medical disciplines at the Institute of Applied Molecular Medicine (IMMA). IMMA is a translational research facility devoted to human subject’s research at the University of San Pablo-CEU and the Hospital of Madrid Scientific Foundation in Madrid (Spain). Each rotation provides students with the opportunity to have direct experience in the study of patients enrolled to investigational protocols for diagnostic and therapeutic innovation with the help of experimental bioessays and biotechnologic product developments under the co-mentorship of clinical and preclinical medicine scientists and faculty. Participants learn fundamental principles of translational research within a two-sided research track, from bedside to bench and thereafter from the bench to bedside. This rotation is available to third and fourth-year medical students who have completed the required two month rotations in the following areas: internal medicine; family practice; pediatrics; OB/GYN; surgery; and psychiatry. Students should contact the Office of International Medicine Programs for detailed course syllabus and application procedure. Students must obtain prior approval by the Associate Dean for International Medicine before their travel; submit an online GW Passport application; and adhere to the SMHS policy on international clinical elective and IMP guidelines.
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