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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
American Studies (AMST)
Advanced Workshop in American Studies
Adv. Workshop in Amer. Studies
Fall 2016
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American studies graduate students



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Required for first- and second-year PhD students; open to other graduate students. Provides instruction and guidance in the process of writing, revising, and submitting journal articles, conference papers, and dissertations. Faculty and peer review of written work. Students are expected to enroll for the full academic year.
Improve skills in research and writing at every level. Present and revise work that is stage-appropriate, whether it be a potential journal article, a conference paper, or a dissertation chapter. (Prof. McAlister will give written comments on all work.) To critically analyze dissertation chapters, journal articles, and other scholarly work submitted by colleagues. This means reading work that is in draft stage and learning how to respond critically but also constructively. Learn how to give a formal paper comment, on the model of commenting at conference. Although graduate students do not often take this task at national conferences, developing the ability to respond in a serious, formal, and sustained way is also useful for reading scholarly work in general, as well as preparation for the future. Practice interdisciplinarity by reading and responding to scholars with different intellectual interests, while developing, over the course of the year, a richer appreciation for the broad field of American Studies. Develop skills in presenting conference papers.
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