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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Organizational Sciences and Communication (OSCM)
Psychology of Individual and Group Decision Making
Psyc-Indiv/Group Dec-Making
Fall 2016
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PSYC 8259 - Psychology of Individual and Group Decision Making
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Examination of processes in organizational decision making and group behavior. Topics include group and individual decision-making approaches, decision aids and support systems, performance and decision effectiveness, and risk analysis.
▪ Understand key concepts of decision-making, including both faulty decision-making and competent decision-making, as developed by scholars in JDM, psychology, and economics ▪ Appreciate the evolution of thinking in the field and new perspectives ▪ Analyze key issues related to decision-making ▪ Understand key elements in a strategic decision-making process ▪ Be able to assess and evaluate decision-making processes and appreciate the variety of factors that contribute to decision-making competence (as well as be able to discuss heuristics and biases with your friends) ▪ Become familiar the concept of how effective decision-making can be developed
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CCAS - GCR:Social & Behavioral
Moving course from PSYC 8259 to ORSC 6259 as it is taught by and for the Org Sci dept
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