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Nursing (NURS)
Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner: Advanced Role Immersion
AGACNP: Adv Role Immersion
Fall 2016
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NURS 6235, NURS 6236 and NURS 6237
prior enrollment in NURS 6220, NURS 6234 and NURS 6222
Linda Briggs
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Students develop and integrate bedside with systems and population level competencies; role development, leadership, interdisciplinary collaboration, systems management, and evidenced-based practice are discussed and applied to concurrent clinical experiences; independent practice skills in the context of interdisciplinary teams.
1. Demonstrate proficiency in advanced and specialized skills in clinical practice settings 2. Monitor, evaluate and modify individual and population-based treatment plans/protocols for acute and critically ill patients 3. Collaborate with other health professionals in the management of patients and the coordination of patient care including transitions in care 4. Incorporate population-based and evidence-based (EBP) practice principles into patient care 5. Apply principles of leadership and interdisciplinary collaboration in the development of the advanced practice role.
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