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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Romance, German and Slavic Languages and Literature (RGSL)
L'Inferno di Dante
L'Inferno di Dante
Fall 2016
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ITAL 2006

Professor Westwater
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The medieval Italian context in which the Inferno was written; cultural and political developments that directly affected the author; key issues raised, from the nature and causes of political conflict to the role of morality in society; the history of the Inferno's reception and its continuing importance in Italian political and cultural life. Conducted in Italian.
At the end of the course, students will be able to: • Understand the medieval Italian context in which the Inferno was written, including important cultural and political developments that directly affected Dante, as well as its continuing importance across the centuries in Italian cultural and political life. • Describe key episodes in the Inferno. • Synthesize the overarching themes of the Inferno. • Analyze the Inferno through a variety of interpretive lenses in both written and oral work. • Evaluate various critical approaches to the Inferno.
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This course has been taught under the rubric "Studies in Medieval and Early Renaissance Literature." No course on Dante's Inferno exists in the Italian program.
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We would like this course also to count toward the GPAC Humanities (Critical Thinking) requirement.
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