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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Biological Sciences (BISC)
Advanced Cellular-Molecular Biology
Advanced Cellular-Molec Bio
Fall 2016
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Special Topics
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students who have completed 16 credits of 2000-4000 level biology courses, including 6 credits in the cell and molecular category
Graduate standing or undergraduates with 16 credits of 2000-4000 level biology courses, including 6 credits in the Cell and Molecular category and permission of instructor
4-6 upper level biology courses, including 2 courses in the Cell and Molecular area
RP Donaldson, A Jeremic
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BISC 4132 - Advanced Cellular-Molecular Biology
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Advanced cellular biology for upper-level undergraduates and beginning graduate students; emphasis on biochemistry and molecular biology; organisms and human biology with emphasis on oral and written analysis of research literature. Permission of the instructor is required.
Students will be able to • understand technologies behind major discoveries and theories in the field, • compare technologies ranging from traditional to advanced approaches and to identify the best approaches for research projects, • apply basic knowledge of Cell and Molecular Biology to the analysis of research problems strategies through the analysis of original research articles, • devise strategies to retrieve relevant scientific literature, •present oral and written interpretations and explanations of experimental data from published research articles, • design and implement instructional modules consisting of advanced readings, discussions and writing.
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BISC 5132 Advanced Cellular-Molecular Biology differs from other GW courses in being a much more advanced analysis of cell and molecular biology research level, beyond what is taught in the lower level GWU courses in Cell Biology (Bisc 2202) or Molecular Biology
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