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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Clinical Research and Leadership (CRL)
Advanced Clinical Microbiology I
Adv Clinical Microbiology I
Summer 2016
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BISC 1111 and HSCI 3106; for BISC 111 an equivalent biology course and for HSCI an equivalent general microbiology course may be substituted at the instructor's discretion


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This course covers the pathogenic characteristics, isolation techniques, specimen collection and handling, laboratory identification, and treatment of medically significant bacteria and viruses with an emphasis on current diagnostic techniques used in clinical practice. Laboratory fee.
1. Differentiate the pathogenic and normal flora of the human body. 2. Describe mechanisms of bacterial and viral pathogenicity. 3. Illustrate the routes of infection for each infectious agent discussed. 4. Correlate the organism with the disease or pathologic manifestation 5. Evaluate laboratory methods for collection, transport and identification bacteria and viruses. 6. Evaluate clinical history, colonial/cellular morphology, biochemical and serological reactions to definitively identify and distinguish causative agents of infectious diseases. 7. Compare and contrast the safety measures necessary for working with bacteria and viruses. 8. Differentiate anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents used in therapy for bacterial and viral infections
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This courses focuses on human pathogens and diagnostics methods to diagnose infectious diseases.
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This course will ultimately replace the MLS 6114 2 credit course. This courses added 1 credit of essential content and is a 3 credit course.
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