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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Integrated Health Sciences (IHS)
Laboratory Management and Operations
Laboratory Management
Spring 2017
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Introduction to critical concepts of lab management, including leadership theory, management principles, human resource management, financial management, quality management, and laboratory operations. Proctor fee.
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
1. Compare and contrast various leadership and management styles as they relate to the clinical laboratory.
2. Apply key management principles and practices in response to problem-based situations in the clinical laboratory.
3. Outline proactive practices to ensure effective management in the areas of: recruitment, compensation and benefits, scheduling, performance evaluations, and employee termination.
4. Evaluate continuing education programs for clinical laboratory personnel.
5. Apply the principles of Quality Management to the operation of a clinical laboratory.
6. Identify the various regulatory agencies that provide oversight for laboratories and healthcare facilities.
7. Describe the laws and regulations affecting the operation of a clinical laboratory.
8. Compare possible solutions to common budgetary issues encountered in the clinical laboratory.
9. Choose the appropriate method for process improvement in the clinical laboratory, including LEAN and Six Sigma.
10. Identify a laboratory safety management plan that would comply with OSHA standards.
11. Assess processes for the acquisition and evaluation of laboratory information systems.
12. Recognize the statistical parameters used to appraise clinical laboratory research studies.

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