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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Clinical Research and Leadership (CRL)
Translational Health Sciences in Complex Health Systems
THS in Complex Heatlh Systems
Fall 2016
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PhD in the field of translational health sciences degree candidates; instructor's permission may be substituted


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An analysis of health systems as complex adaptive systems, including barriers, facilitators, and opportunities for change and innovation.
As a result of completing this course, students will be able to: 1. Distinguish theoretical constructs of complexity science that have application to promoting change or innovation in health systems. 2. Analyze the US healthcare system as a complex adaptive system. 3. Synthesize literature from stakeholder disciplines to describe opportunities for change or innovation within a complex healthcare domain. 4. Analyze a complex healthcare domain to identify stakeholders and relative interdependencies. 5. Identify facilitators and barriers to/opportunities for change or innovation in a complex healthcare domain. 6. Appraise the adoption of an existing change intervention or innovation in a complex system.
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