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Sustainability (SUST)
Climate Change and Policy
Climate Change and Policy
Fall 2016
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SUST 1001
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Climate change from an interdisciplinary perspective. Mitigation, adaptation, and intervention from the perspectives of public policy, economics, psychology, and public health. Climate modeling, green infrastructure, carbon capture and storage, climate justice, and international and multilateral environmental agreements.
The purpose of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the themes, concepts and tools appropriate for an examination of climate change. As a result of completing this course: • Students will be able to describe and define what is meant by the terms “climate change,” “adaptation,” “intervention” and “mitigation” from an interdisciplinary perspective. • Students will be able to understand the challenges to creating carbon neutral economy at the local, national and global scale. • Students will be able to use interdisciplinary skills (i.e. natural science, social science, business) to understand how climate affects society, the environment and the economy. • Students will apply interdisciplinary approaches to team-based problem solving around critical issues of climate change, and participate effectively in a community of learners. • Students will be able to understand how the climate is impacted by policy, society and business, and how these shape the national and international dialogue about climate change.
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