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School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (PCHI)
Forensic Psychiatry Elective - NVMHI
Forensic Psychiatry - NVMHI
Spring 2016
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Field Work (Internship)
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Letter Grade



Sumit Anand, MD
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This course is designed to introduce the student to legal issues related to the practice of psychiatry. It is primarily conducted in an in-patient setting at the Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute (NVMHI) in Fairfax; VA. During this elective; the student will learn the following skills: ; Understanding the fundamentals of correctional psychiatry ; Interviewing patients as an independent expert versus as a treating clinician – role similarities and differences; related fiduciary duties; ethical role and responsibilities ; How to write psychiatric notes that are clear; succinct; yet clinically sound – to pass administrative and legal muster/scrutiny for standard of care purposes and to be referred to in legal settings such as court hearings for the purposes of expert witness testimony ; Practical application of risk assessment to evaluation and ongoing management of foreseeably high risk patients/situations such as suicide; aggression; boundary violations; and criminal behaviors ; How to comport oneself in a judicial setting; via attendance at criminal/civil court hearings ; Understanding relevant landmark Supreme Court/other cases that specifically address highly pertinent medico-legal questions such as informed consent; confidentiality; right to refuse treatment; malpractice; dangerousness; and the exact scope of duty required to protect third parties ; Appreciating fundamental constitutional/human rights and how/under what circumstances these may be overridden ; Report compilation and report writing skills pertaining to competency as well as criminal responsibility assessments
Recognize the medico-legal context of day-to-day clinical practice settings/tasks (eg: exceptions and limitations to confidentiality) 
Demonstrate medico-legally sound skill sets in interviewing and documentation (eg: risk assessment and management) 
Apply forensic psychiatry specific skills in both civil and criminal cases, especially when interacting with the legal system
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