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School of Nursing
Nursing (NURS)
Nutrition for Health Professionals
Spring 2016
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Meghan Ames, Cameron Wells
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Fundamentals of human nutrition and their scientific foundations. Nutritional requirements related to changing individual and family needs; food choices, health behaviors, food safety, prevention of chronic disease, and nutrition-related public health in the United States and globally.
1. Describe the six classes of nutrients and explain their molecular structure, dietary source, and roles in physiological functioning. 2. Explain how nutrients are digested, absorbed, and excreted, and the consequences of toxicity or deficiency. 3. Discuss dietary recommendations and how nutrition is portrayed in research, on food labels, and in the media. 4. Compare the role of nutrition in different life stages in human development and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. 5. Explain how diet and physical activity impact body weight and risks for certain diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 6. Provide an overview of causes of foodborne illnesses and discuss strategies for keeping foods safe. 7. Explore the relationship between poverty, malnutrition, and obesity and describe food insecurity. 8. Summarize the process of assessing an individual’s nutritional status, developing a care plan, and evaluating progress. 9. Identify strategies for assessing readiness to change and counseling individuals on dietary changes, taking into account different cultural and environmental settings.
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Course will be offered as a pre-requisite for Nursing and other health professional students.
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