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Viewing: MBAD 6202 : Foundational Management Topics in Health Care

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Master of Business Administration (MBAD)
Foundational Management Topics in Health Care
Fndnl Mgmt Topics Health Care
Fall 2016
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Discussion Group
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Healthcare MBA candidates


Ayman El Tarabishy
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How prevailing health care business models serve as barriers to economic and business gains; environmental changes and future directions of health care delivery, practice, and policy that can to innovation and serving as drivers for thinking strategically about the business components of the health care sector.
1. Analyze drivers and trends in the health care sector that lead to innovation 2. Develop strategies for integrating business, operational, clinical and policy components into in cohesive plans 3. Apply a business and consultative perspective in the evaluation of health care management issues 4. Analyze business environment impact by emerging trends like the use of informatics, personalized medicine, the electronic medical record, enhancements to devices and apps, among others to identify new strategies for business management in the sector 5. Develop a framework for evaluating your expertise and potential roles in the health care sector

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