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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
History (HIST)
Russia Since 1801
Russia Since 1801
Fall 2016
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Survey of Russian and Soviet history from the reign of Alexander I to the Stalin era; contending forces of revolution, reform, and conservatism; diplomatic relations; economic development; and social change.
This course is designed to enhance students’ abilities to: 1) Understand major themes of and developments in Russian and Soviet history from the start of the nineteenth century to the end of the Stalin era; 2) Comprehend and articulate the events, trends, ideas, people, and processes that have shaped the evolution of Russian and Soviet history in the period under consideration; 3) Synthesize material from lectures and readings to evaluate the importance of events in Russian and Soviet history; 4) Improve critical reading, writing, and analytical skills
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GWSB-Foreign Cultures Option
CCAS - GCR: Foreign Cultures
CCAS - GCR: Humanities
ESIA-Europe GCR (Pre2010)
ESIA-History of IR-Non US
ESIA-Euro Conc (2010)
ESIA-Euro Conc (Pre 2010)
SPHHS-Humanities Courses
SEAS - Humanities Electives

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