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Viewing: CHEM 6283 : Chemical Toxicology and Rational Design of Safer Chemicals

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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences
Chemistry (CHEM)
Chemical Toxicology and Rational Design of Safer Chemicals
Design of Safer Chemicals
Spring 2016
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Introduction to the basic tools and paradigms of toxicology in the context of chemical design for minimizing potential toxicity of commercial chemicals; computational methods for prediction of bioavailability, reactivity, bioaccumulation and different types of toxicity; application of in silico methods to the rational re-design of functional and safer chemicals.
1. Account for the toxicological impact of the chemical industry in a historical context of the way chemicals have been designed 2. Appropriately use toxicological data for hazard assessment 3. Use mechanistic toxicology to identify the most likely biological effect of molecules containing particular functional groups. 4. Carry out a basic risk assessment of a chemical and distinguish hazard vs exposure 5. Effectively use computational tools and metrics to evaluate and compare the hazard profile of chemical 6. Design a chemical so that it is maximally biodegradable 7. Carry out a life cycle assessment of a chemical and identify its boundaries and limitations 8. Design a chemical so that it is not bioavailable 9. Design a chemical so that it is toxic to aquatic environment
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