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MKTG 4149W : Advanced Advertising Campaigns
School of Business
Marketing (MKTG)
Integrated Marketing Communications
Integrated Mktg Comm
Fall 2017
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BADM 3401, MKTG 3142 and MKTG 3143

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The ubiquity of advertising and promotion; fundamental shifts in how consumers get information and from whom, and how much trust they place in different sources; strategies to address a rapidly changing media environment; concepts, analyses, and activities that comprise advertising; assessing and solving advertising challenges.
The overall objective of this course is to build your knowledge base in advertising using an integrated marketing communications (IMC) perspective. Specially, this course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to: • Understand what IMC is and why it is important to marketing programs today. • Understand who the key players in the IMC industry are and what they do. • Determine how insight and knowledge of consumers and particular target markets provides critical input to the design of advertising, sales promotions, Internet marketing, and direct marketing programs. • Develop an effective positioning strategy to distinguish a product or service offering from the competition. • Understand how to develop communications objectives, formulate a creative strategy and design a set of creative tactics for advertising that will best achieve your communication objectives. • Select various forms of media to maximize the effectiveness of an integrated marketing communications (IMC) program. • Understand the key role of other communication tools in the IMC mix—sales promotions, direct marketing, and the Internet in creating a synergistic IMC campaign. • Practice the process of analyzing an opportunity, formulating strategy, and developing and implementing an IMC plan.
IMC 4156 is the only Marketing undergraduate course that exclusively deals with the topic of integrated marketing communications, which is essential to today’s companies’ marketing programs. The course has a strong foundation in consumer behavior with an emphasis on the latest digital communications techniques. My course involves rigorous teaching of the fundamentals of IMC using the latest scholarly research for a foundational approach to how to integrate communications into an overall communications program. The emphasis is on “cracking the code” of the consumer so we can understand how consumers process communications from marketers and from other consumers. Course content is unique and not covered in any other course offered by the Marketing Department. The course is updated every semester to stay abreast of current developments and bring in the latest research.
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CCAS - Professional

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