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School of Business
Marketing (MKTG)
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Fall 2016
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BADM 3401, MKTG 3142 and MKTG 3143

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Using the social Web to leverage a firm’s marketing strategy; developing and improving a company’s electronic marketing strategy for the next evolution in Web commerce.
In this course, students will learn how to develop and improve a company’s social media marketing strategy and prepare themselves for the next evolution in Web commerce. To achieve these objectives, the course is organized in learning modules consisting of lecture/discussion and student presentations. A key learning component of the course is a group blog project that gives students the opportunity to translate classroom lessons into Internet marketing practice. Specific learning objectives of this course are to provide students with an understanding of the following four areas of digital marketing: • An overview of the social web, the latest social media trends, and how to future proof social Web strategies by understanding the implications of technology laws. . • In-depth understanding of two frameworks for digital marketing strategy: 1) the five Groundswell objectives, and 2) the Awareness, Engagement and Word-of-Mouth framework • Understanding of current Web marketing tools that comprise the so-called “social Web,” along with an understanding of how to apply these tools to maximize Internet marketing effectiveness. • Where digital marketing is headed after social media, including the Internet of Things. • Application to business practice through four case studies. • Practical experience in digital marketing strategy through a group project involving creating, maintaining, developing a social media plan and promoting a blog.
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Digital Marketing 4154 is the only Marketing undergraduate course that exclusively deals with the topic of digital marketing, which is integral and essential to today’s companies’ marketing programs. Course content is unique and not covered in any other course offered by the Marketing Department
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