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Viewing: PUBH 6492 : Global Health Programs and Approaches to the Control of Chronic Diseases

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Milken Institute School of Public Health
Global Health (GH)
Global Health Programs and Approaches to the Control of Chronic Diseases
GH Prog & Control Chron Diseas
Fall 2016
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PUBH 6002, PUBH 6003 and PUBH 6400

Dr. Carlos Santos-Burgoa
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Concepts, methods, and tools to address chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs); global public health and development dimension of NCDs, their epidemiology and risks, and health systems approaches for their control with focus on low- and middle-income countries.
• Explain the global dimension of chronic non-communicable diseases and their relevance for development of LMICs • Describe the global, regional and national situation of chronic non communicable diseases • Analyzes the factors affecting the trends and differential distribution of chronic non-communicable diseases • Describe the major strategies and cost-effective interventions to control the chronic diseases. • Understand the role of surveillance to monitor disease burden and reductions achieved with control programs. • Examine the reorientation of health systems to address chronic non-communicable diseases, and the development of related global, regional and national policies.
The GH CC believes that it is essential for students to be prepared to address the epidemiological transition. This course will ensure the GH Epi * Disease Conrol students have exposure and understanding of the epidemiology of chronic diseases. Currently, GH does not offer a course that focuses solely on chronic disease epidemiology and programs.
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