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Women's Leadership Program (WLP)
Writing, Literature, and Society
Writing, Literature & Society
Fall 2017
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students in the women's leadership program with the permission of the instructor


Julie Donovan, Stephen Salchak
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Critical reading skills, concepts of disciplinarity, and processes of producing and legitimating knowledge. Writing intensive. Texts and emphasis vary according to cohort.
At the end of this course, students should be able to:

(1). Recognize, differentiate, and theorize distinct genres of literature

(2). Apply sophisticated analytical and evaluative thinking in both reading and writing, using research questions to frame and develop an argument.

(3). Engage in responsive writings that challenge your own assumptions and those of published authors’ arguments.

(4). Apply rhetorical principles and stylistic conventions that prevail in comedy genres through performance

(5). Find sources from appropriate academic databases, use them in essay work to complicate analysis, approach issues in greater depth, and cite those sources correctly and ethically.

(6). Proofread and edit carefully and effectively, through a deliberate process of drafting and revision.

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Gen Ed: Humanities
CCAS - GCR: Humanities
ESIA-Humanities Courses
SEAS - Humanities Electives

Key: 10196